Make your own wood aging stain (DIY) Make It Monday

Completely natural, safe wood stain. See the finished photos (3 coats) here:…

3 thoughts on “Make your own wood aging stain (DIY) Make It Monday

  1. Thanks a bunch! And thank you for such a quick response! I can’t wait to finish sanding my vintage coffee table I found curb side so I can make it pretty again (without chems) :)

  2. Yes coffee ground really fine and brewed strong works too…I’ve used beet juice & powder, turmeric, spinach, blueberry juice…anything that will stain your clothes works very well as a wood stain. :)

  3. Hi there! Is there something else besides cocoa powder? Do you think I could use instant coffee or ground coffee? btw.. I love the look of your kitchen!

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